Europa Terra Nostra Conference In Bratislava – A Successful Step Forward

The European nationalist foundation Europa Terra Nostra has held another successful meeting of it’s board members last week. This time the board members and their Slovakian hosts met up in the capital city of the Slovakian Republic, Bratislava. Dan Eriksson (Sweden), the chairman of the ETN opened up the meeting on September 21’st where he presented and talked about the activities and achievements of the foundation so far. He pointed out the different problems and the preassure on our foundation comming from the European Commission which denies the fundings for the ETN guaranteed by EU law. He also informed the rest of the board members of the positive results in the legal struggle to obtain the fundings as well future plans and projects that will be realized as soon the fundings are obtained.

The board member from Croatia, Ivan Bilokapic then presented his ideas for future projects. His suggestion of organising a big, international conference regarding the questions of self determination, safety and the rights of the white South Africans to form their own state were positively accepted by the board members, and the suggested conference should take place in the near future in Brussels, Belgium.
“European patriots must do everything they can to protect and secure the rights of the Afrikaners. The struggle for the survival of white South Africans is a struggle for ourselves. If we cannot protect our own people in South Africa, how will we be able to protect ourselves in the future?”  – Said Bilokapic.
Also, a bigger focus on social policies, economic alternatives and workers rights was suggested by the Croatian board member, which would give new dynamics to the far right movements and parties across Europe.

The ETN board members with their Slovakian hosts in front of the National Theater in Bratislava, Slovakia
The ETN board members with their Slovakian hosts in front of the National Theater in Bratislava, Slovakia

The Slovakian hosts from the successful far right party “Kotleba – Peoples’s Party Our Slovakia”
Also exchanged ideas and took the ETN board members for a visit to the Slovakian National Parliament and their party office, where further discussions were held.
The Slovakian nationalists achieved great success in the elections in Slovakia, having fourteen representatives in the national parliament. The MP Milan Mazurek of the People’s Party Our Slovakia also said that support for their party is growing stronger, and that if current trends continue, the party will increase their number of seats to nineteen by next elections.
They also expect great success in the oncomming European Parliament elections next year.

The Europa Terra Nostra board meeting ended officially on Saturday, September 23’rd. The next conference organized by the foundation will be held in Göteborg, Sweden on October 28’th 2017 where more then a hundred guests are expected.