A Solidarity Conference For The South African Europeans

On September 21st Ivan Bilokapic (Croatia) the founder of the Croatian, nationalist platform “Runolist” will be attending the meeting of the Europa Terra Nostra foundation  in Bratislava, Slovakia. The board staff of the Europa Terra Nostra consists of eight members from several European countries. The main topic of the meeting will be the discussion of future plans and activities of the foundation, as well as a review of all the accomplishments of the foundation so far. The board member of the Europa Terra Nostra foundation, Ivan Bilokapic (Croatia) will use the opportunity to suggest the organising of a solidarity conference for the South African Europeans, Boers, Afrikaners.


The goal of this initiative is to organize a meeting of European nationalists and patriots, hold presentations and speeches that would turn the public atttention to the hardships of the white Europeans living in South Africa today, but also to remind the public that the white South Africans must have a right to self-determination, and a right to have their own country on the soil of their forfathers.
The politicial elites must remember that in a time of preaching diversity, human rights and freedom, the European South Africans are being denied all of those rights.

Europe and it’s patriots and nationalists must not turn a blind eye, while our own brothers and sisters in South Africa are being made to targets of murderers, discrimination of a corrupt system which has robbed the white South Africans of their own country their forfathers have built.

The preservation and protection of white South Africans is a test for Europeans themselves. The preservation of the Afrikaners is a mission which Europeans are not alowed to fail. We must take action and send a clear message to the European governments, but also to the government of the South African Republic, and remind them that their crimes are not invisible and there are still Europeans who know the hardships of their kin.

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